Words from the Mom behind Tiny Victory

When I first had Charlie I was not prepared for how challenging it would be. No one can really prepare you.

Charlie was exceptionally challenging – he would scream relentlessly, and would be up for sometimes 7 hours at a time. We didn’t know it at the time but he had GERD/acid reflux, which was causing him some serious pain.

This meant that most days it was a struggle for me to even get out of the house (let alone shower, or eat). Just leaving the house was a “tiny victory”. So when I did finally organize myself to leave the house I would put Charlie in his car seat in whatever he happened to be wearing at the time (which was usually zippered pyjamas) and head out.

At some point, people started making comments like “Oh, he’s still wearing pyjamas….” Even my doctor made a comment that he was still wearing pyjamas. I didn’t realize that I had made a social faux pas by leaving the house with my baby in pyjamas, and that once your child was 2 or 3 months old, there was the expectation to “dress” your baby. I couldn’t fathom it. Putting on tiny little pants and shirts and sweaters. Making an “outfit” for my baby. I could barely dress myself. And because we found out Charlie had acid reflux, all of the doctors recommended that he not wear anything that might put pressure on his stomach, so basically anything with a waistband was out.

So I set out on a search to find pyjamas or rompers or all-in-ones that looked like clothes. But the only ones I found were super cheesy and low quality, or higher end ones that had snaps on the bottom. And if you’re a parent of a baby you know that snaps are the worst – battling a flurry of kicking legs while you try to line up the snaps. The. Worst.

We designed simple but beautiful all-in-ones that look like real clothes. They have a hidden zipper that runs up the side to make it easy for parents to put them on. One zip and you're back to playtime!

And that’s how Tiny Victory was born.



 Photo: Mark Eleven Photography